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India's First.

Indias first is a Website project dedicated to activities First in India  initiated and maintained by Dr. Bhaskar Khandekar (PhD Music Therapy) who is Indias first qualified and practicing Music Therapist. This Web site focuses on authentic knowledge regarding Indian Music Therapy and First Music Therapist of India and also provides information on various Music Therapy related programmes and Courses organized by Him. Apart from Music Therapy Dr.Khandekar is a well known Astrologer and Gems expert, with specialization in Guaranteed remedies through the combination of Astrology, Gems and Music Therapy on most common to acute problems of Health and Life.

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Dr. Khandekar has paramount experience in treatment of Patients with Music Therapy and has a large number of patients who have been benefited from Music Therapy Treatment under his guidance from Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Insomnia, and other CNS Nervous disorders etc. He is one of the Best Qualified Music Therapist in India, as he holds a PhD in Music-Therapy from Indira Kala and Sangeet University of Khairagarh. Apart from being a well known Musician and a Music Therapist he is also master of Business Administration and hold the diploma for the same in 1984. He is known and recognized by many Indian and western Associations and organizations promoting Music-Therapy, and has attended many Seminars on Music Therapy as Guest Faculty. He has also contributed to various journals etc on the issue of Music Therapy like "Music Therapy Today" Vol. 7. Issue 3 , International E-Magazine - October 2006. Dr. Khandekar has developed various Short Courses for Music Therapy  and Treatment for common use like following:

  • Music Therapy course for Pregnancy.

  • Music Therapy course for Child Development.

  • Music Therapy course for CNS Disorders.

  • Music Therapy courses for Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Diabetic etc.

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Dr. Bhaskar Khandekar has a vast experience in Quality Gems and Shagun Ratnas recognition. Shagun Ratnas are possessed with high Quality and Geniunity Standards. At Indias First we provide you with Gems as per Gemological parameter with 100 % Buy-Back Guarantee. We give Guarantee/ authenticity card for its purity and reality and Home Delivery. Our knowledge of Aesthetics of 'Astrology' makes your life easy, prosperous, healthy, peaceful, and Beautiful too with the right choice of Gems and Ratnas.

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Dr. Bhaskar Khandekar is also the Director of "KALAVARDHAN" an Academy of performing Arts was established in 2000.  The Academy offers Diploma courses in Performing Arts on self-supportive basis. These courses - Hindustani Music, Dance , Fine Arts and Theatre with GURUKUL pattern, are offered to the students, by incorporating the Guru-Disciple Relationship in to the syllabus

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"KALAVARDHAN" also provides you a wide range of professional service like Events Management for your specific needs  from Fashion shows to Artist, Concert Management Seminars and Lecture Demos, Light & Classical Music and Dance Performances, Package Tours, Annual Functions etc ..

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"Your image builder" provides services and consultancy on how to effectively and efficiently present your-self / company to (potential) social or business partners in the desired field on National/State level.

The manual deals with becoming aware of the existence and importance of corporate identity and corporate image and the role played in this by the various communication media. It shows how to use printed media, electronic messages and personal performances.

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