What is Music Therapy ?

MUSIC THERAPY - " For - Brain, Body & Soul "

Music has frequently been used as a therapeutic agent from the ancient times. Music is a kind of yoga system through the medium of sonorous sound, which acts upon the human organism and awakens and develops their proper functions to extent of self-realisation. This is the ultimate goal of Hindu Philosophy and religion. Melody is the key-note of Indian Music. The 'Raga' is the basis of melody. Various 'Ragas', have been found to be very effective in curing many diseases . 

How Music Helps ?

Music helps in the treatment of actual diseases in the following manners :-

1. One obvious use of music is that of a sedative. It can replace the administration of tranquillizers , or at least reduce the dosage of tranquillizers.

2. Music increases the metabolic activities within the human body. It accelerates the respiration , influence the internal secretion, improves the muscular activities and as such affects the "Central Nervous System " and Circulatory System of the listener and the performer.



Principles of Music Therapy :-

Music Therapy is not the subject of an article only . The entire subject is Now in the experimental and implementation stage , and data are rapidly accumulating . And the ancient system is gradually being transformed in to a modern science . Since -1993, I am a practitioner of Music Therapy. After, more then five thousands patients , I have observed that - India classical 'Ragas' have been acclaimed to have healing effects .They stimulate the brain, ease tension and remove fatigue. The effect of Music Therapy may be immediate or slow, depending upon number of factors like the subject, his mental condition , environment and the type of Music, selected for having the desired effect. Music Therapy largely depends on individual needs and taste. The use of Music as therapy is based on scientific and clinical approach and has to be used with great care and deep study of the nature of illness. We can call it " The study of Individual- Modality Theory". Before using music as Therapy it must be ascertained which type of music is to be used. The concept of Music Therapy is dependent on correct intonation and right use of the basic elements of music. Such as notes [swara] rhytym, volume ,beats, and piece of melody. There are countless 'Ragas' of course with countless characteristic peculiarities of their own. . That is why we can not established a particular Rag for a particular disease . Different types of Ragas are applied in each different case .

What I Do ?

When we use term Music Therapy , we think world -wide system of therapy. Literature of Vocal part of Indian Classical Music is not sufficient in that case . I apply the formula of three ' Ps ' -

i] Perfect Time , - It includes duraton , span , interval and time to play the music .
ii] Perfect Direction - It includes posture and cnditions to listen the music.
iii] Perfect Force - It includes Tone , Timber , sound quality and volume of Medicative Music .
iv] remember the three categaries of patients i.e.
v] Music Learned , ii] Music Lovers , iii] Non-Musical .

The modern revival of music therapy has not yet sufficiently progressed to indicate its full utility . Several problems immediately invite further research . Under existing conditions , it would seem advisable to broaden the foundation of musical research . Not only to advance the ethical and moral rights of the human being , but also to prevent , if possible , the negative and destructive influences which may be due to ignorance of the laws governing the effects of sound and rhythm . The Indian would regard it as a sacrilege to profane his magic music , and would further insist that such profanation would destroy the healing power of the rites . It is obvious that the psychological effect of the therapeutic music would be greater if the patient understood that the scientific foundation of the procedure had been thoroughly established .
I take a great pleasure in introducing this contribution to the Music lovers of India . I am sure this little knowledge will prove a great help in increasing an awareness for
Music Therapy . Physiological, Psychological, Physical, Moral, Intellectual, and Spiritual effects of music confirm the supremacy of Indian Music.

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