About Kalavardhan Academy Of Performing Arts

Kalawardhan Academy of performing Arts was established in 2000.

The Academy offers Diploma courses in Performing Arts on self-supportive basis.

These courses - Hindustani Music, Dance, Fine Arts and Theatre with GURUKUL pattern, are offered to the students. By incorporating the Guru-Disciple Relationship in to the syllabus, the Academy thus pays tribute to the thousand-year-old music and dance oral traditions.

It also tries to strike the balance between rich cultural heritage of India and awareness of contemporary sensibilities of the young creative minds. The main objective is to provide professional training in the performing arts by keeping the creative atmosphere around the budding performing artists with due respect and understanding to the Indian performing arts traditions. In order to create one's own idiom in artistic performing art one has to respect the cultural tradition and understand the socio- cultural history of the region.

Gurukul pattern means students at the Centre continue to learn their art with eminent Gurus in the field of Music and Dance, while studying for the graduate and post-graduate courses.

Academy conducts workshops, seminars, Lecture/Demonstrations for the students. To encourage the Hindustani Music and Performing Arts.

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Appeal to Donors

Financial support required for each student -

The Academy offers " Kalawardhan Academy Awards " for Young Artists of 15 to 25 years age group. And Scheme for Scholarships to Young students in Different Cultural Fields

On this basis, Kalawardhan Academy is appealing to all Donors of the world to join it in sustaining, expanding, and nurturing this scholarship program by donating generously to the Kalawardhan Academy Scholarship Fund.

Klawardhan Academy requests for a generous donation to cover, as far as possible,

This support would cover the costs of instrument, books and teacher/school fees. This Scholarship Scheme seeks to give assistance to young artists of outstanding promise for advanced training within India in the field of Indian Classical Music , Indian Classical Dance, Theatre, Visual art, Folk - Traditional and.
Candidates, who are students in these courses of the institute especially in the field of fine arts and music, if selected under the scheme, may be allowed to continue their studies at the discretion of selection committee.

The duration of scholarship will be One / Two years.
The nature of training will be determined in each case after taking into consideration the previous training and background of the scholar, normally, it will be in the nature of advance training under a Guru/ Master or in a recognised institution.
Kalavardhan Academy is a non-profit, non-ethnic, non-religious, and non-partisan organization in all its dealings with the Performing Arts and devoted Students.

How Can Donate?

You can donate to the contribution by cheque, credit card, or wire transfer from anywhere around the World in any currency.

Payment Options

Cash may deposit in account of Kalawardhan Academy , Jabalpur in

HDFC Bank Account No. - 02242000007215

Cheques should be made payable to: Kalawardhan Academy Jabalpur (M.P. India)

Cheques should be mailed to:

NGO Kalawardhan
274- Nalanda Vihar, Nehru Nagar- Phase II,
Tilwaraghat Road, Jabalpur. M.P.
Jabalpur, MP. 482001. Mobile No. +91.9827234770
Email: kalavardhan.academy@gmail.com

Thank You for spending time reading this Article and Appeal, and also Wishes You God Blessings and Good Wishes.

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